Victorian Data Sharing Bill 2017

November 2, 2017  |  

Ms Hutchins — On a point of order, Acting Speaker, I am not sure that the member has referred to any clauses in the bill or has referred to the bill. The bill is about the future agency, and he has actually not even referred to that. He is now referring to question time. I ask you to bring him back to the bill.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander constitutional recognition

November 1, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:47:42) — Today I rise to reassure the Victorian Aboriginal community and all Victorians that the Andrews Labor government will continue to work towards treaty and self-determination, no matter what the federal Liberal government does.

Ministers statements: penalty rates

October 19, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) (11:27:36) — I rise to update the house on an unfortunate development — that is, a Federal Court decision that was made last week to uphold the Fair Work Commission's penalty rate cuts for hospitality, retail and fast-food workers.

Country Fire Authority gender diversity and inclusion

October 19, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) (11:15:20) — I thank the member for his question, but the hypocrisy of those opposite is unbelievable — absolutely unbelievable. You want to talk about sexual harassment? Why do you not clean up your own party?

Gender equality

October 18, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (09:44:16) — I rise on behalf of all the women in my electorate, many of whom have suffered sexual harassment and abuse, like women the world over. I rise on behalf of the women in my electorate who will never earn as much as their male counterparts, for women who work in occupationally segregated industries and for the historical undervaluing of women's work.

Ministers statements: labour hire industry

September 20, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) — I rise to update the house on some significant developments in my portfolio. Recently federal Parliament established a black economy task force, which we have made a submission to. That task force has linked elements of the black economy, including within horticulture and labour hire, to serious criminal behaviour such as money laundering, immigration fraud and other abuses.

Office of Fiona Richardson

September 20, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) — Speaker, I think it is important to set the record straight. Some of the individuals that we are talking about have secured employment. I am not going to get into individual arrangements, but I can say nobody has been sacked in these circumstances.

Sydenham electorate schools

September 20, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) — I am proud to have campaigned with local parents to secure funding for the new secondary school in my electorate after four years of neglect by the previous Liberal government, who sat on their hands achieving nothing in the west while our local schools were underfunded and bursting at the seams.

Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors Amendment Bill 2016

September 19, 2017  |  

Mr CLARK (Box Hill) — The opposition supports these amendments by the Legislative Council. Indeed the major ones were ones that we initiated to make clear that when the minister did nominate an alternative body to take the place of a body specified in the act that replacement body then took on the status of a body named in the act to avoid the potential risk of any minister — be it the current minister or a future minister — having the capacity to replace an alternative body at will rather than because it had ceased to exist. That loophole has now been closed by those amendments, and that is a satisfactory outcome.

Residential Tenancies Amendment (Long-term Tenancy Agreements) Bill 2017

September 7, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Local Government) — I am very pleased to rise to speak to the Residential Tenancies Amendment (Long-term Tenancy Agreements) Bill 2017, and I acknowledge the work that was done by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, who has done a power of work in going out to the community to canvass ideas on Victoria's tenancy laws with the aim of improving the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

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