International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Local Government) — On International Women's Day I want to take time out to thank and acknowledge the working women in the Sydenham electorate. To the workers — the women nurses, doctors, carers, admin staff, cleaners, pathologists, health professionals and volunteers — at the Sunshine Hospital and other medical centres and specialist centres across my electorate, to the women teachers, teachers aides, carers, admin staff and principals who every day look after our local kids in childcare centres, kinders, primary schools, high schools, TAFEs and adult learning centres, and to our women police officers and paramedics: I say thank you, and I acknowledge your work.

Ministers statements: penalty rates

March 7, 2017  |  

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) — I rise to advise the house of the disappointing further news around the Fair Work Commission's decision to cut penalty rates, affecting Victorian workers in this state. We are considering making a further submission to the commission on the transitional provisions as we go ahead.

Ministers statements: My School data

March 9, 2016  |  

Minister Hutchins updates the house on a new initiative, and that is today's release of the My School data, which has a direct impact on how many schools are doing an excellent job of getting the most out of what they can in educating our kids.

Greater Gender Diversity for Councils

March 8, 2016  |  

This International Women's Day Natalie Hutchins called on all councils to support greater gender diversity in the forthcoming elections.

Family Violence

February 25, 2016  |  

Academy of Sport, Health and Education

February 23, 2016  |  

Members statements: Bushfires

February 10, 2016  |  

Every year the community prepares for the harsh realities of fire season.

Acknowledgement of Country

December 9, 2015  |  

Natalie Hutchins moves that the house authorises the Speaker to give an acknowledgement of country each sitting week.

Helen Bushell

December 9, 2015  |  

Natalie Hutchins rises to recognise the service of Helen Bushell to the Australian kiting community.

Sydenham Kite Festival

December 9, 2015  |  

Natalie Hutchins highlights the popular local Sydenham Kite Festival

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