Metropolitan Fire Brigade enterprise bargaining agreement

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (11:08:32) — I thank the member for her question, and I refute the premise of the question. The EBA that has been agreed to between the board and the MFB, that will be taken forward to the Fair Work Commission for certification, will..

Ministers statements: International Women’s Day

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (11:05:02) — I rise to update the house on International Women’s Day around the Andrews Labor government’s commitment to women’s equity, and to remind the house of our success in achieving gender equity on paid boards across government. We are extending that achievement..

Eleanor Burke and Kay Setches

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (09:40:16) — Happy International Women’s Day. Many members of Parliament are making statements today about previous inductees into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women. Not only are they worthy of this honour but they are worthy of the honour of having their names..

Long Service Leave Bill 2017

Debate resumed. Government amendments circulated by Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) under standing orders. Ms D’AMBROSIO (Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change) (11:55:07) — I rise to speak in favour of the Long Service Leave Bill 2017 and the proposed amendments. The bill amends the Long Service Leave Act 1992,..

Advancing the Treaty Process with Aboriginal Victorians Bill 2018

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:34:06) — I move: That I have leave to bring in a bill for an act to advance the treaty process between Aboriginal Victorians and the state by providing for the recognition of the Aboriginal Representative Body, enshrining the guiding principles for..

Federal Health Funding

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (12:21:41) — I rise to speak on the motion that is before the house, which condemns the federal government for a funding proposal that short-changes our hospitals by over $2 billion, condemns the Leader of the Opposition for failing to stand up to..

Aboriginal child removal

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (11:32:48) — I thank the member for her question, and I welcome the opportunity to be able to discuss these extremely important issues here in the Parliament, because we all know that those opposite have not asked a single question in this..

Violence against women

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence) (09:43:04) — As a local member for Sydenham and as the Minister for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence, the experiences of women are at the forefront of my advocacy every day. Increasingly over the past year, we..

Firearms Amendment Bill 2017

Ms Hutchins — On the point of order, Acting Speaker, the member was referring to the bill. In fact she said the word ‘bill’ as the point of order was taken. She was giving background, and she was referring to the bill. I think she should continue…

Pink Stumps Day

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:42:40) — On Sunday I was privileged to be able to attend the very first Pink Stumps Day hosted by Sydenham Hillside Cricket Club. It was held in my electorate at the Hillside Recreation Reserve, where the women’s team faced off against..

Australia Day

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) (14:40:53) — This government is committed to reconciliation and to the self-determination of Aboriginal people. Unlike those others, we have actually made sure there is a seat at the table for Aboriginal Victorians going forward, and I am very proud of the..

Steve Hutchins

Mr NARDELLA (Melton) (09:56:56) — Today I pass on my condolences to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Xavier and the wider family for the passing of former senator Steve Hutchins. Steve was a great family man, and he battled his illness for many years. I enjoyed talking to him,..

Victorian Data Sharing Bill 2017

Ms Hutchins — On a point of order, Acting Speaker, I am not sure that the member has referred to any clauses in the bill or has referred to the bill. The bill is about the future agency, and he has actually not even referred to that…

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander constitutional recognition

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:47:42) — Today I rise to reassure the Victorian Aboriginal community and all Victorians that the Andrews Labor government will continue to work towards treaty and self-determination, no matter what the federal Liberal government does. Last week Malcolm Turnbull rejected the Referendum..

Ministers statements: penalty rates

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) (11:27:36) — I rise to update the house on an unfortunate development — that is, a Federal Court decision that was made last week to uphold the Fair Work Commission’s penalty rate cuts for hospitality, retail and fast-food workers. We know that this..

Country Fire Authority gender diversity and inclusion

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) (11:15:20) — I thank the member for his question, but the hypocrisy of those opposite is unbelievable — absolutely unbelievable. You want to talk about sexual harassment? Why do you not clean up your own party? Mr Clark — On a point of order, Speaker,..

Gender equality

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (09:44:16) — I rise on behalf of all the women in my electorate, many of whom have suffered sexual harassment and abuse, like women the world over. I rise on behalf of the women in my electorate who will never earn as much..

Ministers statements: labour hire industry

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Industrial Relations) — I rise to update the house on some significant developments in my portfolio. Recently federal Parliament established a black economy task force, which we have made a submission to. That task force has linked elements of the black economy, including within..