Desperate Liberal Stunt On GST Can’t Be Believed

Matthew Guy’s stunt on GST allocation and infrastructure funding is yet another desperate act from an increasingly desperate opposition leader.

For three years, Matthew Guy and the Victorian Liberal Party have legitimatised the injustice that has been Malcolm Turnbull short-changing Victorians.

Victoria is the fastest growing state and home to more than a quarter of Australia’s population, yet we receive less than 10 per cent of federal infrastructure funding.

When Malcolm Turnbull allocated just 9.7 per cent of infrastructure funding to Victoria in the 2016 Federal Budget, instead of standing up for Victorians, Matthew Guy called it “a sensible budget.”

The Andrews Labor Government has campaigned for Victoria’s fair share ever since it was elected, and called out every occasion when the Prime Minister for Sydney has dudded Victorians.

During that time, the Victorians have not heard a peep from the state Liberals. They have done nothing – like they did nothing in Government for four years.

For the Liberals to now realise that Victorians are being short-changed reeks of political opportunism.

If Victoria received its population share of funding worth $6 billion over the next five years, we could build the equivalent of another Level Crossing Removal Program, which would generate an additional 4,500 jobs.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“Matthew Guy has been an apologist for Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott for three long years and can’t be believed now.”

“The Liberals consistently back their mates in Canberra as they continue to gut funding to our schools, rip money out of our hospital system and dud Victoria on infrastructure funding.”

“Only Labor will keep fighting this Sydney-centric Liberal Government for our fair share, while continuing to invest in the job-creating projects Victorians voted for and need.”