Grants To Build Young People’s Confidence At School

A new Andrews Labor Government grants program will use the results of a specialist survey to help young people become more confident in the classroom.

Minister for Education, James Merlino, today announced the successful recipients of funding under the grants program, which totals over $400,000.

The Building Resilience in School Communities grants will partner 117 schools across Victoria with a specialised private provider, such as Resilient Youth Australia, to measure students’ resilience, wellbeing, optimism, confidence and social and emotional skills via a survey.

This approach is based on compelling international research and evidence linking resilience and confidence to better results at school.

Based on the findings of each survey, schools will be supported in the development of evidence-based approaches to help build student resilience, confidence and wellbeing.

One language school, 77 primary, 28 secondary, four P-12 and seven special schools will receive grants of $3,500 each and will work with a specialised provider to identify schools’ resilience and wellbeing issues. Tailored professional learning will also be available to teaching staff.

Schools were selected for funding based on their capacity to deliver a whole-of-school approach to student and staff wellbeing, the level of need among their student population and their ability to support ongoing and sustainable improvements beyond the life of the grant program.

Support will be provided to schools to help measure the effectiveness of their strategies and interventions in a year’s time.

Mr Merlino today congratulated each of the schools receiving a share of the $409,500 grant program, and thanked them for taking the initiative to help build more inclusive and supportive learning environments.

A complete list of successful schools can be found at

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education, James Merlino

“We can have the best schools and the best teachers, but if kids aren’t confident in their own abilities then they can’t reach their full potential.”

“These grants will match schools with specialist organisations, using their expertise and knowledge. This is the smart way to help young people feel comfortable, confident and ready to learn.”

“This is what the Education State is all about: working together to give kids the confidence to achieve – in new, safe and comfortable classrooms and under the care of a talented teacher.”

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