Labor Announces Royal Commission Into Family Violence

Family violence prevention in the West will get the attention and support it deserves under a Labor Government.

Labor recently announced it would establish Australia’s first Royal Commission into family violence if it wins the State Election in November.

This is a much needed response to family violence.

Family violence is not just a national emergency; but a local one, too. In Melton family violence incidents have increased by a staggering 26.91%. Brimbank has seen an increase of 10.55%.

The Commission will investigate criminal law, corrections, courts, community services, health services, refuges and housing, the school curriculum and the tools available to Victoria Police.

The panel will be headed by an eminent Australian judge with experience in family law. A panel of survivors and support providers will advise the Commission.

Family violence hurts our whole community; sadly it hurts our children and vulnerable women most of all.

The current system is failing to protect our community.

The tragic death of Sunshine woman Fiona Warzywoda at the hands of her abusive ex-partner has devastated our community. We need this Commission into Family Violence, we need to take action.