Labor Government Steps In To Safeguard Sunbury And Hume Residents

The Andrews Labor Government has today acted to ensure that local residents are not disadvantaged by the upcoming separation of Sunbury from Hume.

Minister for Local Government, Natalie Hutchins said the split, initially scheduled to occur by 1 July this year, would be delayed by twelve months due to unresolved issues with services, staff and asset management.

Ms Hutchins said she had no choice but to delay the split, following the Hume City Council’s advice that there were issues that were still unresolved and the time remaining was insufficient.

Ms Hutchins has appointed Mr Frank Vincent QC and Mr John Watson as Transition Auditors to ensure the necessary planning and work is in place before that date.

The newly appointed Transition Auditors will work with the Hume City Council to oversee the split and work with the community to ensure the best outcome for local residents.

Ms Hutchins confirmed that the Andrews Labor Government will not walk away from its commitment to Sunbury and Hume residents. The careless approach of the previous Liberal Government means that more time is needed to ensure the outstanding issues are resolved.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Local Government, Natalie Hutchins

“The previous Liberal Government carelessly pushed this plan through, and then expected local residents to shoulder the burden. There is still work to be done and issues to be addressed.”

“We want to get this right. That means ensuring local residents have confidence in how this process is managed.”