Labor Government’s Blitz To Stamp Out Dodgy Training

A $9 million blitz on low-quality training providers will be the first step towards ensuring Victoria’s $1.2 billion training system restores industry and student confidence and provides high-quality qualifications.

Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert, today released the recommendations of the external Review of Quality Assurance in Victoria’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) System, announcing support for all recommendations.

The Review was ordered earlier this year in response to a number of serious abuses of the training system over recent years that have undermined student and industry confidence.

Since November 2014, the Government has had to restore funding eligibility for more than 10,000 students who gained inadequate qualifications, and has found dubious practices in a range of qualification areas.

These abuses include qualifications being issued to students who have no demonstrable skills, inappropriate marketing practices, short course duration, providers claiming government funding for non-existent training delivery and poor oversight of third parties delivering training.

A renewed focus is needed to ensure quality training outcomes lead to jobs, rather than increasing the number of people being trained with no real outcomes.

The implementation of the review’s 19 recommendations would lead to tougher requirements for training providers delivering government-funding training, and improved quality of VET teacher qualifications. Further immediate actions based on the Review’s recommendations include:

  • Stricter entry requirements for the government-funded training system
  • A consumer awareness campaign with information to help students chose the right course and provider
  • Tighter restrictions on the approval of subcontracting, to where it is genuine, specialised and limited
  • Greater transparency of poor quality training, such as problem providers that had a contract terminated for serious compliance issues
  • A revamp of online tools for students, businesses and industry to get information and provide feedback

Mr Herbert also referred the findings to the independent VET Funding Review, which is advising the Government on a more stable and sustainable funding model for Victoria’s training system.

For more detail:

Quotes attributable to Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert

“While many providers are doing the right thing, the review has found there remain unscrupulous operators who flout regulatory and contract conditions.”

“This audit blitz is a crucial first-step in ensuring Victoria’s training system is the best it can be by removing providers that provide poor or fraudulent outcomes which do not meet industry standards.”

“After four years of the Liberals, we’re rescuing TAFEs and rebuilding our training system so young people get the skills they need for the jobs they want.”

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