More Aboriginal Victorians To Be Consulted On Treaty

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting Aboriginal Elders and Traditional Owners to engage further on the state’s Treaty process.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins and the Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher AO today announced $700,000 to establish a grant scheme that will support Aboriginal Victorians – including Aboriginal Elders and Traditional Owners – on the journey to Treaty.

The scheme builds on the consultation with over 7,000 Aboriginal Victorians over the past two and half years by providing funding to support community-led Treaty engagement and capacity building.

It includes two funding streams. The first is Treaty Circle Grants that will fund smaller consultations or ‘Treaty Circles’ on key matters relating to Treaty. These grants will be up to $10,000.

The second stream is Treaty Engagement Grants of up to $100,000 that will support deeper, ongoing consultation, as well as strategic planning and research in the areas of self-determination and Treaty.

The grant scheme will be open to Traditional Owner groups and other Aboriginal organisations and businesses.

The Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission will continue to lead engagement on the treaty process and the development of the Aboriginal Representative Body with the Aboriginal Community.

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations will also consult with Traditional Owners across Victoria on how Traditional Owners see their future involvement with Treaty.

The government supports the establishment of an Elders Council in accordance with the recommendations of the Community Assembly.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins

“The primary focus of this Treaty engagement grant scheme is to help the Aboriginal community discuss Treaty on their terms, including the establishment of the Aboriginal Representative Body.”

“It’s important the Treaty process continues to be led by the Aboriginal community.”

Quote attributable to the Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher AO

“I want to hear about the Aboriginal community’s aspirations for Treaty or Treaties and these grants will enable more Aboriginal voices to participate in the process. “