New Board Appointments To PTV, V/Line And VicTrack

Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan, today announced new board members for three major public transport organisations, including Patricia Faulkner as the new Chair of Public Transport Victoria and Jenny Dawson as Chair of V/Line.

Ms Faulkner has extensive experience in governance roles, including as former Secretary of the Victorian Department of Human Services, a Partner with KPMG and as a Trustee/Director of a State Government superannuation fund.

Ms Dawson served 15 years as a Director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd and is currently Chair of Sandhurst Trustees Ltd. She also has considerable experience in Regional Development strategy and planning from her 13 years on Regional Development policy and management committees involving Federal, State and local stakeholders.

The appointment of Kevin Norris also fulfils a commitment by the Andrew Labor Government to appoint a representative with expertise in the bus network to the PTV Board.

The following new appointments will come into effect from 1 July 2015.

Public Transport Victoria

  • Patricia Faulkner as Chair of Public Transport Victoria
  • Doug Bartley as Deputy Chair of Public Transport Victoria
  • Kevin Norris as Director of Public Transport Victoria
  • Virginia Hickey as Director of Public Transport Victoria
  • Tom Sargant as Community Representative of Public Transport Victoria


  • Jenny Dawson as Chair of V/Line
  • Craig Cook as Deputy Chair of V/Line
  • John Donovan as Director of V/Line
  • Gabrielle Bell as Director of V/Line
  • Kay Macaulay as Director of V/Line


  • Ms Geraldine Gray as Director of VicTrack
  • Ms Collette Burke as Director of VicTrack

Doug Bartley will act as Chair of Public Transport Victoria and Patricia Faulkner as Deputy Chair until Ms Faulkner is available to take up the Chair position from 1 October 2015.

The Victorian Government recognises the significant contributions of outgoing Board members and looks forward to working with new appointees to oversee the delivery of the Government’s unprecedented transport infrastructure program.

The Victorian Government would like to acknowledge outgoing Chairs Ian Dobbs and Hector McKenzie, who have provided strong leadership during their terms.

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