Respect Women: Call It Out Campaign Returns

The Andrews Labor Government is ramping up its bystander campaign to call out the attitudes and behaviours that lead to family violence.

Minster for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins today launched the second round of the Labor Government’s campaign, Respect Women: Call It Out.

The Respect Women: Call it Out campaign provides the tools necessary to call out disrespectful and sexist behaviour, a known driver of violence against women.

As a result of the Labor Government’s behaviour change campaigns more than 4 out 5 Victorians can identify what family violence is and its causes.

Victorians who have seen the campaign have more positive attitudes towards gender equality and are more likely to endorse the importance of respect and the impact of family violence.

The Labor Government has invested a record $2.6 billion to support victim survivors and create a Victoria free from violence.

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Quote attributable to Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins

“Everyone has a role to play to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women. Calling out disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour starts with each of us.”

Quote attributable to Chief Executive Officer of Respect Victoria Tracey Gaudry

“Changing the attitudes and behaviours that drive family violence is the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. We know primary prevention and mass behaviour change works.”