Supporting A Decade Of Preventing Family Violence

The Victorian Government will keep working towards a Victoria free from family violence with a further three years of support for Our Watch, the national foundation for the prevention of violence against women and their children.

Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams today announced an extra $3 million over three years to extend the Government’s existing seven-year partnership with Our Watch to a decade.

The renewed partnership and support is particularly important as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disproportionately impact women’s work and care responsibilities alongside other known gendered drivers of violence against women.

Over the past seven years, the government has worked with Our Watch to implement the world-leading Free from Violence Strategy to Prevent Family Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women, and the action plans to make sure the strategy is delivered.

Through respect and equality programs at workplaces, sporting clubs and schools, the Government and Our Watch have connected with communities where they live, work and play to better understand the cause of family violence and stop it before it starts.

Our Watch will also continue to work with the Government on the Men in Focus program, which engages men in the prevention of violence against women – focusing on how to apply an understanding of the links between dominant forms of masculinity and violence against women to the real world.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams

“We’re continuing our work with Our Watch to build a society where Victorians can live free from violence – because there is never an excuse for family violence.”

“All violence against women starts with disrespectful behaviour. By recognising, calling out and preventing these attitudes, we can all play a role in stopping family violence before it starts.”

Quotes attributable to CEO of Our Watch Patty Kinnersly

“The Victorian Government’s continued funding shows strong leadership and commitment to preventing violence against women and their children.”

“The Government’s commitment is timely given the pandemic is exacerbating existing socioeconomic inequalities – including gender inequality – that create and reinforce the gendered drivers of violence against women.”