Victoria Launches A New Framework For Closing The Gap

The Andrews Labor Government has launched a new framework to help close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians. 

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins joined members of the Victorian Aboriginal community to launch the new Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023.

As the Federal Government continue to develop a refreshed Close the Gap strategy, the new Victorian framework provides a road map to the rest of Australia on how to close the gap that is underpinned by self-determination.

The new Framework will hold government accountable for what is being done to address historical wrongs and promote a future shaped by self-determination.

The Framework is the product of extensive engagement with Victorian Aboriginal community and organisations, across both regional and metropolitan Victoria. Community consultation forums were held across the state with over 600 members of the Victorian Aboriginal community providing feedback on the Framework.

Victoria will also introduce a new accountability measure, centred around an Aboriginal-led evaluation and review process designed with Aboriginal Victorians.

The Labor Government also launched the Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report (VGAAR), which will track progress in delivering the outcomes set out in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework.

The government will continue to table an annual Aboriginal Affairs Report in Parliament and will develop a public data platform to ensure that data is easily accessible.

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Quotes attributable to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins

“This new Framework will guide our ongoing work in closing the gap and ensuring Aboriginal Victorian people, families and communities are healthy, safe, resilient and thriving.”

“Aboriginal people and organisations know the issues affecting their communities and the best way to address them. The new Framework is self-determination in action.”