Crime up but fewer cops on the beat under Denis Napthine

There are fewer frontline police officers assigned to local stations today than there were in November 2010, secret Napthine Government documents show.

Some police regions are already reporting trouble filling shifts and keeping up uniform patrols. In many cases there is a direct correlation between the loss of local police and an increase in crime rates.

In Melton, there are 21.58 less officers now than in 2010, a decrease of 22.73%. Meanwhile reported offences have risen 22.04% over this same period.

In Brimbank there are 7.27 less staff members than in 2010, or a 4.22% decrease, meanwhile there has been an increase in offences recorded of 15.38% over this same period.

Across the whole North West region there has been a reduction in police numbers of 323.28 while crime rates continue to grow.

Our local police do a great job out in our community, but they are under resourced by the government.

Despite Denis Napthine and the Liberals promising to make Victoria safer, crime rates have increased each and every year under this Government. You cannot be ‘tough on crime’ or ‘making the community safer’ while taking police off our streets.

Residents in Taylors Hill have formed the Taylors Hill Safety Committee to campaign for additional resources and longer opening hours.

The petition is available at Natalie’s office, Shop 11, 28A Hume Drive Sydenham or phone 9449 1511.