We haven’t wasted a minute.

I took action on the ambulance crisis and sent the paramedics’ pay case to the independent umpire.

I unlocked the doors at the TAFE campus in Lilydale which were closed to a generation of kids in the outer East.

We announced a landmark inquiry into health fears at the Fiskville training centre, to give firefighters the answers they deserve.

We told Victorians the truth about ambulance response times in their local area, releasing the data that was kept secret for years.

And that was just week one.

The Victorian people elected a Labor Government to end the ambulance crisis and fix our health system.

They elected a Labor Government to create jobs, save TAFE and give every child every chance.

They elected a Labor Government to build the projects our state needs and transform public transport.

We’re getting on with it.

It’s my privilege to present you with some of the highlights from our first 100 days in office.

All of them will help make our state stronger, fairer and better.

All of them are promises kept.

And this is just the start.

dan sig 2

The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Premier of Victoria