Homesafe: 24-hour public transport

It’s hard to get home on Friday and Saturday nights.

You’re either running for the last train, waiting hours for the first one, or trying to find a cab.

It’s just not good enough.

A world-class city needs 24-hour public transport.

Victorian Labor will make it happen.

Homesafe is Victorian Labor’s plan for 24-hour public transport.

Trains, trams and buses will run non-stop, all through the night, all weekend.

Late night shuttles will take people from the CBD to regional cities.

Under Labor, getting home will be safer, cheaper and easier for everyone.

It’s good for our economy, our workers and our nightlife.

Whether you’re working late, or just out with friends, we’ll get you home safe.

Homesafe: Victorian Labor’s plan for 24-hour public transport.

It’s what this city needs.

How will Homesafe work?

Homesafe Trains: Homesafe Trains will run through the night on Friday and Saturday across all lines.

Homesafe Trams: Homesafe Trams will transport people all night through the CBD and also to destinations including St Kilda, Coburg, Bundoora, Port Melbourne, Carnegie, Box Hill and Vermont South.

Homesafe Buses: The current NightRider buses will continue, with a particular focus on areas not serviced by rail.

Homesafe Shuttle: Homesafe Shuttles will leave at 2:00am from Southern Cross Station to Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Traralgon.