Labor Government Secures Funding for Taylors Hill Senior School

The 2015-16 Victorian State budget has secured funding for the purchase of land for a new senior secondary school in Taylors Hill.

There are currently three P-9 schools that feed into one senior secondary school. This funding for land acquisition paves the way for a new school to be built to address the need for a senior secondary school in the electorate of Sydenham.

The Member for Sydenham, Natalie Hutchins, has stated that “Labor committed to fixing our schools, rescuing our TAFEs, bringing back Tech Schools and helping struggling parents with the costs of sending their children to school, and that is what this budget does.”

“Over the past year, I have engaged in consultation with local parents, the Department of Education, Melton City Council, and the Minister for Education, so I welcome the funding secured to purchase land for a school in Taylors Hill.”

“I am very proud to have worked with such a dedicated group of parents that have campaigned for a new school in Taylors Hill.”

“The previous Liberal government failed to deliver for the Sydenham electorate, they failed to deliver the schools that parents and children need.”

“The Victorian Labor Government has a vision for Victorian jobs and education is at its core.”

The Andrews Labor Government has delivered the biggest education budget in Victoria’s history with:

  • $2.9 billion for schools
  • $350 million for TAFE
  • $59 million for early childhood education

This shows that only a Labor Government will deliver on education.

Building a Stronger West

All kids deserve the best start, no matter what their background. The Budget invests $2.9 billion in schools over four years, making it the biggest education budget in Victoria’s history.

Through this Budget, the Andrews Labor Government reconfirms its commitment to the Gonski Agreement, the principles of which are central to making Victoria the Education State.

 Taylors Hills BTS (1)

The Abbott Government has failed to commit to its share of school funding for 2018 and 2019, but the Andrews Labor Government will keep standing up for our state, our schools and our children.

For the first time, this Budget sees Victoria fully deliver on its obligation under the Gonski Agreement for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 school years.

Families who are struggling to afford the extra costs of education, like uniforms, School camps and books, deserve a helping hand to get them through the most important years of their child’s life.

Under Labor, Victoria will be the education state.