Advancing the Treaty Process with Aboriginal Victorians Bill 2018

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:34:06) — I move:

That I have leave to bring in a bill for an act to advance the treaty process between Aboriginal Victorians and the state by providing for the recognition of the Aboriginal Representative Body, enshrining the guiding principles for the treaty process and requiring the Aboriginal Representative Body and the state to work together to establish elements necessary to support future treaty negotiations and for other purposes.

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) (09:34:57) — This is a really important piece of legislation that will lead the nation in terms of respect and self-determination for Aboriginal people. What this bill moves to do is to have an elected representative body of Aboriginal Victorians enshrined within a bill. The bill provides a process for treaty negotiations to move forward and to recognise that self-determination is a major part of that treaty process.

Motion agreed to.

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