Australia Post

I rise to speak in support of Australia Post workers, and in particular those who are living in my electorate, who are facing uncertain times due to massive restructures that have been announced by Australia Post. Australia Post has announced it will cut 900 jobs over the next year, despite posting a $312 million profit in the 2012-13 financial year. Hundreds of Victorians are facing job losses at the head office here in Melbourne but also across the two distribution centres – the western delivery centre and the Ardeer parcel facility.

Australia Post is also proposing to cut back from providing a standard daily delivery service to providing a two-tiered pricing system with standard delivery two to three times per week. This is on top of a severe lack of postboxes in the growing outer suburbs.

There has been an increasing casualisation of the workforce, and Australia Post workers have presented concerns to me regarding a 10 per cent decrease in the workforce, wage constraints and a 27 per cent rise in the price of stamps. Staff morale at Australian Post is at its lowest, and community services are currently under threat. In contrast, the chief executives received over $11 million in remuneration, including $4.75 million per year in the CEO’s salary. Australia Post has been an Australian institution for decades. It needs to meet its social obligations.