Easter Sunday is Now a Public Holiday

The Labor Government, delivering on its election commitment, has made Easter Sunday a public holiday.

Begining this year, the Easter Sunday public holiday will make sure shift workers who need to work on Easter Sunday are paid fairly.

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Adem Somyurek has stated that the previous Liberal Government removed the Easter Sunday trading restrictions in 2011, however they did not make it a public holiday. The result of this action forced many workers to take time away from their family without fair compensation.

Employees who are required to work on Easter Sunday will benefit from an increased penalty rate, rising from the ordinary Sunday rate to a public holiday penalty rate.

The Easter Sunday public holiday will be introduced via a notice in the Government Gazette, allowing Victorian businesses to put in place their trading arrangements and to organise employee rosters.

Preparation of a Regulatory Impact Statement – which includes a community engagement period – is currently underway for Easter Sunday and Grand Final Friday, and will be completed prior to Grand Final Friday 2015. The Statement will provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of the benefits and costs of the two new public holidays.