Gender equality

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Women) (09:44:16) — I rise on behalf of all the women in my electorate, many of whom have suffered sexual harassment and abuse, like women the world over. I rise on behalf of the women in my electorate who will never earn as much as their male counterparts, for women who work in occupationally segregated industries and for the historical undervaluing of women’s work. Women in Australia are also likely to retire with only half the superannuation of men. They will also contribute far more of the unpaid and unrecognised domestic work to their households over their lifetimes.

Recent revelations regarding producer Harvey Weinstein in America and admission after admission by women under the #metoo hashtag who have admitted to suffering sexual harassment and abuse show us just how far we need to go, as does the departure of Lisa Wilkinson from the Todayshow on Channel 9 because she was unable to get her employer to match her expectations of equal pay in her workplace.

I am proud to work for the Andrews government and proud of what we do on a day-to-day basis to make a difference to gender inequality in this state. I am proud of the change that we have driven through our policy that 50 per cent of paid board appointments be women, and that we have set up an advisory council on women’s equality at work and beyond. We are also the first state to have a gender equity strategy. I rise on behalf of all women in my electorate and commit that I will keep on rising for you and for women across this state.