International Women’s Day

Ms HUTCHINS (Minister for Local Government) — On International Women’s Day I want to take time out to thank and acknowledge the working women in the Sydenham electorate. To the workers — the women nurses, doctors, carers, admin staff, cleaners, pathologists, health professionals and volunteers — at the Sunshine Hospital and other medical centres and specialist centres across my electorate, to the women teachers, teachers aides, carers, admin staff and principals who every day look after our local kids in childcare centres, kinders, primary schools, high schools, TAFEs and adult learning centres, and to our women police officers and paramedics: I say thank you, and I acknowledge your work.

I say thank you to the women retail, pharmacy and hospitality workers at the Watergardens, Watervale, Delahey Village, Taylors Lakes and Aqua Gardens shopping centres; to the wonderful women at Xena for Hair and Beauty in Taylors Lakes, in particular Ranka and Maria, who both juggle motherhood whilst delivering great, professional service to their clients; and to all the mums — those that stay at home and those that are in paid work. I know it is hard work, and it is even harder when women are on average are earning $261 less than men per week.

To the important women in my life — my mum, Dianne, my four stepdaughters, Lauren, Julia, Georgia and Madeleine, and my niece Tara — I say that on your behalf I will continue to stand up and fight for equity in the workplace and in our community. A special shout-out to my best friend, Carolyn McMahon, who this week was promoted in the workplace to be the first female director of Honda Australia, and I say congratulations to her on smashing through the glass ceiling.