Long Service Leave Bill 2017

Ms HUTCHINS — That is a really good point. The reason that we talked about this in the review in the first place and came to this sort of conclusion is because the nature of industry nowadays is that having the ability to accumulate and take leave after seven years is more fitting with where a number of employees are across workforces in terms of the longevity of jobs. Quite frankly, when the original act was written back in the early 1990s, we did not have the levels of change of employment. We are just seeing a whole lot of movement between sectors and within sectors that make it more relevant to have this sort of entitlement after seven years. But I also think it is just as important to ensure that we have a system that is actually accessible and usable, and we have done that through some of the flexibility clauses that we put in here in order to ensure people are getting their entitlements in the workplace.