Sunshine Hospital children’s multidisciplinary assessment

 To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The petition of the following residents of Victoria, draws to the attention of the house that:

1. the Children’s Allied Health Service (CAHS) at Sunshine Hospital is no longer accepting multidisciplinary assessment referrals for preschool children with disabilities starting school in 2014;

2. multidisciplinary assessments are vital to ensure children with disabilities receive the appropriate support they need to participate fully in life and society. It is especially vital prior to entry to school so that children can get the most out of their education;

3. families in the western suburbs who are now unable to have this multidisciplinary assessment conducted by Sunshine Hospital will need to access private assessments costing about $1500.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria urgently call on the Napthine government to urgently restore multidisciplinary assessments at Sunshine Hospital for children beginning school in 2014.

 (8 signatures).