About Natalie

As the first in her family to graduate from University, Natalie’s passion for politics is driven by a commitment to equal opportunities and access to good public education. As a working mum Natalie knows first hand the many issues facing the hard working families in her area, the importance of job security and the need for reliable local infrastructure.

Natalie has extensive experience in representing workers and the community in the many roles she has worked in. From being a waitress to a Union official, from a stay at home mum to a small business owner, from an advisor to a premier to a board member of a superannuation fund, Natalie has experience from the nappy change table to the boardroom table.

All her working life she has fought for equal rights and for job security for Victorian Workers. Since getting elected in 2010 as the Member of Parliament for Keilor in the State Parliament. Natalie was appointed the Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Ports, Freight & Logistics.

In 2014 electorate boundaries were redrawn and Natalie Hutchins was elected to parliament as the Member for Sydenham. Natalie Hutchins has been appointed the Minister for Local Government, Aboriginal Affairs and Industrial Relations.

In 2017 Natalie was appointed Minister for Women and Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, in addition to retaining her role as Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister for Industrial Relations.

In November 2018 Natalie was re-elected as the Member for Sydenham, and was appointed the Parliamentary Secretary for Treaty to continue the work on Victoria’s commitment to Treaty with the Traditional Owners. Recently, Natalie was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Workplace Safety.